Testimonials from past customers.

After a lot of research on the Weimaraner breed, we decided to add one to our family. When we felt the time was right we scoured our immediate area for a reputable breeder. We were discouraged by the lack of knowledge and care many of them showed. It was after much thought we turned to the Internet. A friend told us of the website she found her breeder on, but warned us to be careful because she went through 50 bad breeders to find one good one!! So we continued our search, this time over the Internet. We searched and searched, and talked with over 25 people before we stumbled upon an ad Tammi had placed. After visiting her website and seeing photos of Cody and Lilly, I decided to give her a call. The first thing I noticed about Tammi is that she took the time to answer every question I had. Knowing her puppies were raised in a home environment and not a kennel made all the difference in the world. Since we were so far away from Tammi she sent us videos and pictures of each of the males she had available. She also described their personalities and gave us all the information we needed to make an informed decision. She never tried to "sell" her puppies to us.  After taking our time to talk it over, we made the decision to purchase a male puppy.  Since we were out of state the puppy had to be flown out to us. However, unlike most breeders, Tammi wouldn't simply toss a puppy into the cargo hold and cross her fingers. Tammi flew all the way out to California with our new puppy. She wanted to make sure he arrived safe and sound to his new home.  We met her at the airport and finally got to meet our new puppy! It was such a great experience getting to meet her face to face and see how much she truly cared for her pups. After arriving home that night with our puppy, Cosmo, I received a call from Tammi.  She was checking in to make sure he was doing okay and that we were happy with him.  It was so nice to know she was there for us if we needed her.  I have been in contact with Tammi on a monthly basis with questions, updates, and brags about how well Cosmo is doing.  She has been there any time we need her, and is always there to support us and answer our questions. Cosmo is absolutely amazing. My husband and I consider ourselves  "experienced dog owners" but were still in shock over how quick Cosmo learned. Within a week he was asking us to go outside to go potty. Within a month there were no accidents in the house, and he hasn't had one since. He is amazing with our young children, tolerant of our cat, and wonderful with other dogs.  He is always ready to do whatever we ask of him, and excels at everything he does. Whether it is agility, obedience, or tracking he has shown us he can do it all! Cosmo is a hit at our local dog park, and we are constantly getting comments on what a great temperament he has. I truly believe this has everything to do with how Tammi raises and handles her puppies. We couldn't be happier with Cosmo and our experience with Tammi.

Sarah, CA

My wife and I own two miniature Daushunds and two cats.  I have always wanted a “big” dog.  I began looking for and researching many different large dog breeds and got really interested in the Weimaraner.  After talking with many Weimaraner dog owners I decided that this was the breed for me.  My search then began for a breeder.  I will have to say that I did not have to look long or too far for Tammi.  Tammi took her time with me through e-mails and also sent many pictures and videos of the new puppies.  The day I went to pick up Rudy, Tammi and her mother let me take all the time I needed to play with the puppies and take them outside.  I also got to interact with Cody and Lilly which was great. Both of the parents had excellent temperaments which was a plus.  After three days at his new home Rudy was house broken.  I was amazed by his intelligence.  

Tammi hand raises the puppies in her house that could not be more evident in our Rudy.  Rudy is a sweet boy and is very friendly towards, kids, other dogs and people.  I never worry about him acting in a threatening way towards anyone.  Rudy is my running companion as well.  Running with Rudy has strengthened my bond with him and if you know anything about a Weim he has boundless endurance and stamina.  

I have been told by many dog owners that I am lucky to have a Weim that is so laid back, especially as a pup.  Rudy stays at doggie daycare three days a week and they love him there.  He is one of their favorites.  

If you are interested in this breed I suggest you do your research and know what you are getting into.  Weimaraners are beautiful dogs and Rudy is a wonderful companion to our family.  If you understand the work/exercise requirements and are active, Split Rock Stables and Weimaraners are by far the best choice for this breed.  You will not be disappointed.

Josh, NC

We are previous Weimie owners for 13+ years.  Our first Weimie came from a breeder in Ohio.  She was everything we could have hoped for as a family dog.  So, when it was time to consider a new pup for our family we decided to do a local search, now that we lived in the Charlotte area.  After talking to Tammi on the phone, it was an easy decision to take the 1 hour+ trip to visit her farm and see their very first litter of Weimaraners!  We went with the hopes of bringing home a new addition to our family.
Upon meeting Tammi, she really took the time to get to know us as a family before introducing us to the litter.  We have three children, two boys and the youngest a girl, all under the age of 9.  I think, in a very respectful way, she was sizing us up (smile)!  We had indicated that we really wanted her professional opinion as to which pup we should consider.  
Of course, we loved the looks of Cody, the sire!  What a handsome boy!  And, our previous Weimie was a female.  We thought we'd like to consider a male dog this time.  So with that in mind, she suggested a couple male pups she thought would suit us well.  We ended up with "green boy" and named him Scout.  He very quickly became our beloved, second-ever Weimie!  He has been everything you would expect a Weimaraner dog to be:  very loving & loyal as well as very high energy!  
He is incredibly handsome and gets attention everywhere we take him.  People want to know "what kid of dog is that?!"  He has a predominant "smart bump" which is an appealing feature!  In terms of play, he has a great eye when it comes to catching a ball in mid-air!  With his endless energy, he is quite capable to run miles and miles with my husband and is very well trained on the leash.  He also loves going on our family hikes, off leash.  He stays within eyesight of my husband and I and seems to also want to know where the kids are at all times too.  Just recently, he had his first real swim and loved that too!
We also just added two shelter cats to our family and the 2.5 year old male cat goes head-to-head with Scout as the dominate male in the house!  Ha ha!  They really seem to enjoy each other!  The other, a younger female, is too timid to meet Scout.  Although, Scout is eager to meet her!  Maybe some day.
Scout is now almost 1.5 years old.  Seeing him laying on the floor enjoying a bone right beside my oldest son brings me great joy.  I have no doubt that many more years worth of family memories will include Scout!  And that's such a good thing!
I appreciate Tammi's expertise and passion for the Weimaraner breed!  She wants the best for them and we are honored that we were selected to adopt through her first breed.  She continues to be available to us as needed if we have questions or concerns.  And, she keeps up with the growth and development of her pups to better her breeding knowledge.  I am sure you will not find an easier breeder with which to work!  Many thanks Tammi!

Jessica, NC

When the kids grew up and flew the coop (for most of the year) we enjoyed having the house to ourselves. Pretty soon, though, the empty nest feeling settled in. We thought it was a good time to get our first puppy. I was interested in Weimaraners, having had one as a child. Considerable internet research led my wife to Tammi. She was great, easy to talk to and a wonderful source of information. Her love of the breed and interest in the well-being of the dogs was plainly evident. We visited the farm, and were impressed with the beauty and character of Cody and Fanci.  We visited soon after the litter was born, and fell in love with the ten squirming grey pups. We visited again, now to pick our pup. We thought this would be hard, but it wasn't the little female we called Ilsa clearly picked us.

We have had a wonderful time with Ilsa. From the very first she was confident, affectionate, and remarkably quiet. She was incredibly easy to housebreak. We started her in puppy class right away and she did great. Tammi did a great job preparing us to handle our new responsibilities. She even checked on our progress, which we greatly appreciated.

Ilsa has grown to be tall and leggy, lean and strong like Cody, and very athletic. I think she looks just like Fanci. Everybody tells us what a beautiful dog we have. She has wonderful manners, and a very pleasant and gregarious character. She never met a dog she didn't like. She is quite active and loves to run, but when the day is done she settles down, and loves to lie quietly, as close to us as possible. She thinks she is a sixty pound lap dog. We live near the beach, which she loves.  She is a very good swimmer.  Ilsa is remarkably quiet and poised;  she only barks when someone approaches the house (or when the cockatoo is off the perch and chasing her-that's a special bark).

Ilsa has turned out to be everything we hoped and much more. We could not love her more, and vice-versa. We attribute so much of this success to Tammi's meticulous and tender care of the pups, and to good breeding. A Weimaraner puppy requires a good deal of attention, but the reward is a great friend and companion. We are very glad we found Tammi and her wonderful dogs.

Joe Gurri, Melbourne Beach, Florida